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Sesame Ginger Pork Patty with Grilled Pineapple – Eating Well

30 Jun

Last night I was exhausted, but since we had nothing to eat and we just ate out Tuesday, dinner still needed to be made.  I was also supposed to be in class but I’m still sick, although the antibiotics are helping, and just feeling worn down in general.  On the plus side, I didn’t feel as crazy as I did Monday when I saw the doctor, but I definitely wasn’t 100% yet.  I’m sure everyone out there has felt the same way at one point, you’re sick/tired but the world doesn’t end because you’re not feeling well and there are still responsibilities to be handled.  Sometimes it sucks having to be a responsible adult (side note – I’m 27).  Apparently getting married and working full-time turns me into *gulp* my mom (who is an amazing woman that I completely love but wasn’t ever planning on morphing into).  Funny how the lens changes the older you get and you start to realize everything your parents were dealing with.

So normal dinner dilemma experienced by thousands around the world.  I got home at 6:15, and after putting away laundry and straightening a bit, what was I actually going to make?  As I’ve mentioned previously I’m a bit anal retentive on the meal planning so at least that part was done.  Every week I always have four dinners planned out and groceries bought, but last minute plans change so I try to be a bit more flexible on what I cook on each actual night.  Yesterday was supposed to be a slow cooker night, but after my disastrous morning (refer to previous post) I didn’t have time to actually get the slow cooker going before I left the house.  Continue reading