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Abuelo’s for Lunch

29 Jun

So my day has been stressful to say the least.

First I woke up late, like an hour later than I had planned. The original plan was to get up 30 minutes early, prep the patties for tonight’s dinner, throw together my school stuff, and enjoy my breakfast.

Ehhh…no. After waking up super late, I rushed around the house getting ready. Scarfed down a breakfast burrito, grabbed my school bag, and ran out the door. I didn’t get dinner prepped. I forgot my lunch. And I forgot my antibiotics – which I had forgotten to take, realized I had forgotten to take so then grabbed said pills and threw in with my lunch – which I then left at my house. *sigh* All reasons I hate to wake up late.

Bright Side: I did make it to work on time and was in fact 3 minutes early.

Either way, lunch time rolled around and I’m starving. I work off of Mason-Montgomery and for anyone that’s ever been up this way, the street is filled with a plethora of possible food options. I opted for Abuelo’s since I hadn’t been in three years or so. Continue reading