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Creole Chicken and Okra – Clean Eating

1 Jul

I love Clean Eating Magazine.  It’s a fantastic idea and doesn’t rely on gimmicks.  Do I follow the Eat Clean diet step-by-step?  Eh….no.  But I like cooking the recipes from the magazine.  They’re usually pretty quick/easy and nutritionally balanced.

So as I’m writing this I’m thinking, I love food and cooking.  I mean, that’s why I have this blog but here’s how I know it’s something I truly enjoy.  I never watch the clock when I’m cooking something, it’s almost zen like.  I never really had a hobby/talent/skill growing up but cooking really appealed to me because well, you can eat it when you’re done.  But it’s only the last two years that I’ve really started to do it often and realized how much I actually enjoy it.  Now are there times I’m super stressed and trying to throw together something quickly?  Definitely.  But if I’m not under a time constraint it’s super relaxing. Continue reading