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Ohio Seasonal Produce Guide

4 Jul

So I’ve been working on eating more seasonally because, hey, why not?  When produce is in season it’s often cheaper and tastes better, both adjectives for how I like my food to be (tasty and cheap).  Is everything I eat going to be sourced locally?  Probably not (I love citrus, bananas, mangos, etc too much) but I can definitely make more of an effort to support local business and food (one of the main reasons I shop at Findley Market, Hyde Park Farmers Market, and then Kroger).

Here’s a rough draft of seasonal produce I’ve put together all culled from a variety of different sources, therefore I don’t guarantee the absolutely accuracy of this list but it might be useful.  I organized by month because I thought that would be the easiet way to reference the lists when I’m planning my meals out for the month.

How important is eating seasonally and locally to you?  What are some of the reasons why you either do or do not eat/shop locally and seasonally? Continue reading