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Spicy Turkey Pitas with Squash Fries

13 Jul

So I’m a huge fan of Middle Eastern food: kofta, falafels, shish taouk, the list goes on and on. I mean, how can you not like it? Pillowly pita bread, wide varieties of highly seasoned meat, baba ganoush, hummus – all delicious. (And yes I had to look up the spelling for the majority of those words).

I also love gyros although that’s more towards the Mediterranean side of things, but gyros are variations on shawarma and doner kebabs and no matter what they’re called I think they’re tasty. One of our favorite restaurants to bring people to/meet people at is Taz in Mason because, barring being a vegetarian (although there’s still super delicious meatless fare), everyone we’ve ever brought has enjoyed it. How can you go wrong with meat, bread, sauce, and some veggies to make you feel better about what you’re eating?

But since I try to cook healthy to counteract the times I treat myself while eating out, I wanted to do my take on it at home. I also happened to have some whole wheat pocketless pitas in the freezer (saw them at Findley Market and couldn’t resist picking them up because where else do you find whole wheat pocketless ones?) and I wanted to use them. And I really, really, wanted to play with my new, completely awesome, immersion blender. I just got married two months ago and it was a wedding gift – I squealed when I got it, I really did. Apparently I’m easily excited.

I think from start to finish the whole dinner took me about 45 minutes, and that was with making the sauce, meat, side, and warming the pitas. It was nice because it felt like an indulgence and I could be happy knowing that it was on the healthy side. So here it is; Spicy Turkey Pitas with Toum (Lebanese Garlic Sauce) and Squash Fries.

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Tofu Triangles with Spicy Onion Sauce

8 Jul

The place I’m interning at has a cookout every other Friday for lunch and employees volunteer to cook, set up, bring sides, etc.  I had wanted to bring a side two Fridays ago but I was broke.  Like ridiculously, I haven’t had a paycheck/made any money for the last three and a half weeks broke.  So I volunteered for this week but was still trying to keep a low budget

I had meant to start dinner in the slow cooker Thursday before work, that way when I got home all I had to do was focus on the work sides (deviled eggs and summer rolls) but um, well I kind of woke up Thursday morning and I swear my eyes were stuck together.  I stumbled my way into the kitchen and chugged down my morning milk with a Carnation Instant Breakfast, and spoonful of iced hazelnut coffee (and I was amazed that I even managed to pull that off).  And then I just felt lazy.  I had the time to put it all together but it just seemed like so much effort, you know?

So yeah, no dinner in the slow cooker before I left which just meant more work when I got home.  While running through my weekly meal plan I was aiming for the quickest recipe I still hadn’t cooked which ended up being Tofu Triangles with Spicy Onion Sauce from Cooking Light – full original recipe text here.

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Creole Chicken and Okra – Clean Eating

1 Jul

I love Clean Eating Magazine.  It’s a fantastic idea and doesn’t rely on gimmicks.  Do I follow the Eat Clean diet step-by-step?  Eh….no.  But I like cooking the recipes from the magazine.  They’re usually pretty quick/easy and nutritionally balanced.

So as I’m writing this I’m thinking, I love food and cooking.  I mean, that’s why I have this blog but here’s how I know it’s something I truly enjoy.  I never watch the clock when I’m cooking something, it’s almost zen like.  I never really had a hobby/talent/skill growing up but cooking really appealed to me because well, you can eat it when you’re done.  But it’s only the last two years that I’ve really started to do it often and realized how much I actually enjoy it.  Now are there times I’m super stressed and trying to throw together something quickly?  Definitely.  But if I’m not under a time constraint it’s super relaxing. Continue reading

Sesame Ginger Pork Patty with Grilled Pineapple – Eating Well

30 Jun

Last night I was exhausted, but since we had nothing to eat and we just ate out Tuesday, dinner still needed to be made.  I was also supposed to be in class but I’m still sick, although the antibiotics are helping, and just feeling worn down in general.  On the plus side, I didn’t feel as crazy as I did Monday when I saw the doctor, but I definitely wasn’t 100% yet.  I’m sure everyone out there has felt the same way at one point, you’re sick/tired but the world doesn’t end because you’re not feeling well and there are still responsibilities to be handled.  Sometimes it sucks having to be a responsible adult (side note – I’m 27).  Apparently getting married and working full-time turns me into *gulp* my mom (who is an amazing woman that I completely love but wasn’t ever planning on morphing into).  Funny how the lens changes the older you get and you start to realize everything your parents were dealing with.

So normal dinner dilemma experienced by thousands around the world.  I got home at 6:15, and after putting away laundry and straightening a bit, what was I actually going to make?  As I’ve mentioned previously I’m a bit anal retentive on the meal planning so at least that part was done.  Every week I always have four dinners planned out and groceries bought, but last minute plans change so I try to be a bit more flexible on what I cook on each actual night.  Yesterday was supposed to be a slow cooker night, but after my disastrous morning (refer to previous post) I didn’t have time to actually get the slow cooker going before I left the house.  Continue reading