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Dinner Interrupted so a Review of My Fitness Pal

6 Jul

So I was struck yesterday with this great idea for doing an awesome burger. After I got off work I went running to the grocery store to get the ingredients and rushed home to put it into action.

Long story short – it completely failed (luckily we still had some leftovers from the other day and ate that for dinner instead).  I’m not giving up on it yet though.  Whenever I’m making up a recipe or have an idea, if it doesn’t work the first time I always give it a second shot.  After that, it really depends on whether I think it has a chance of being good that decides whether or not I give it a third try.

So since I don’t have a recipe to post, I thought I’d address MyFitnessPal, a free app for both Iphone and Android.  You can also access it online at www.myfitnesspal.com.

My Fitness Pal Logo

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