My somewhat spastic adventures in food.

So I’m in a transitional phase in my life, newly married and broke.  In school and also working full time.  With all the craziness of my life and demands on my time, I of course, decided to start a blog.

But the one thing I always find time for is food.  My food philosophy: I want it to taste good and at least be semi-healthy/good for me.  But at the same time, I love food, and definitely believe in the deliciousness of a giant burger.  So I try to cook healthy at home and let myself indulge a bit when I eat out – hence this blog’s somewhat opposing viewpoints.

This blog will be an amalgamation of recipes (my husband has said that I’ve never cooked the same meal for him twice in the two years we’ve been together…and I havn’t lol), local restaurant reviews, with a smattering of budgeting/dollar stretching and other randomness.

Backstory: I cook 4 dinners a week (there’s just the two of us) and we usually eat last night’s leftovers for our next day lunch.  In addition to dinner I make freezable breakfasts and weekends are all about improvisation (a la what do I have left and how can I make it into something I’ll semi want to eat).

I’m also a bit psycho and out of the four dinners I cook weekly, one is a fish meal, one is vegetarian, one is chicken/turkey, and one is beef/pork/lamb/or any other random meat – example: I’ve been eyeing rabbit as a fun new ingredient.

Background: Neither of my parents were that into cooking but I’ve always been fascinated by the process.  I started experimenting in the kitchen with my first “meal” being Shake n Bake Chicken and Stovetop Stuffing.  1 stove fire and 2 blown up microwaves later I’d like to think I’ve progressed a few steps beyond that.  Either way, I’m completely self-taught other than a stray video, “How do I butcher this chicken into parts?” or an internet search, “What is a rutabaga and how do I prep it?”  Long story short – I’m not a trained expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Main Sources for Recipes/Inspiration: Cooking Light, Eating Well, Food.com, Food Magazine, Taste of Home Healthy Cooking, and a multitude of other online sites.


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