Abuelo’s for Lunch

29 Jun

So my day has been stressful to say the least.

First I woke up late, like an hour later than I had planned. The original plan was to get up 30 minutes early, prep the patties for tonight’s dinner, throw together my school stuff, and enjoy my breakfast.

Ehhh…no. After waking up super late, I rushed around the house getting ready. Scarfed down a breakfast burrito, grabbed my school bag, and ran out the door. I didn’t get dinner prepped. I forgot my lunch. And I forgot my antibiotics – which I had forgotten to take, realized I had forgotten to take so then grabbed said pills and threw in with my lunch – which I then left at my house. *sigh* All reasons I hate to wake up late.

Bright Side: I did make it to work on time and was in fact 3 minutes early.

Either way, lunch time rolled around and I’m starving. I work off of Mason-Montgomery and for anyone that’s ever been up this way, the street is filled with a plethora of possible food options. I opted for Abuelo’s since I hadn’t been in three years or so.

My server automatically brought out tortilla chips and two different kinds of salsa. The chips were light and crispy, not like what you regularly get at the other Mexican restaurants around here (although it is a chain so that may be why). The main salsa had good flavor, and in a little steel ramekin was a lighter colored (maybe corn?) salsa that was spicy and tasty. Loved the heat.


I didn’t take the picture above because I didn’t think about it since I’m a bit frazzled. It came from Abuelo’s website and is actually pretty close, visually, to what I received.

The salad itself was $9.95 and had a huge amount of chicken. I’m thinking around 6 oz worth that took up almost half the plate. Maybe because it was a lunch size but it seemed like a much more reasonable portion. I hate those huge restaurant salads that have 4 cups of lettuce and only 4 oz of chicken. This one seemed to have a much better lettuce to meat ratio. It also had some diced tomatoes and a smattering of shredded cheddar/monterey jack. Personally, if I were making it at home I would have added some peppers and onions to make it more fajita like, but I always tend to add extra veggies for bulk and flavor. I’d also change the dressing to a salsa vinaigrette but that’s in an effort to cut some fat and calories.

Dressing choices were honey mustard, honey lime, ranch, and balsamic. The honey lime was delicious. Probably not the healthiest thing, but I consoled myself by doing my usual of only dipping my fork in the dressing, then forking up a bite of salad. I also alternated between the dressing and that oh so good spicy salsa.  I wonder if that trick really makes a difference in the amount of calories you consume or if the difference is negligible?

Half the salad later and I was pleasantly full. Was I enraptured? No, but it was good food at a decent price point (since I’m getting two meals out of it, with tip I spent about $6.50 per meal). Not the cheapest, and it would definitely have saved me money to bring food from the house but we’ve already covered my morning. And really, salads don’t get me crazy excited, whole roasted pigs do but that’s a different post. I also have to give props to my server. From the time I sat down till the food came out took maybe 8 – 10 minutes. So it’s a good, quick lunch spot.

Will I visit again? Sure, if I’m in the area or one of my co-workers wants to head out for lunch. I don’t think I’d make a special trip up (I live about a 25 minute drive away and I’m not a big ‘chain’ person anyway), but it hit the spot.  I’d probably be more likely to visit again if I was close by and happy hour was going on (yay $3 margaritas!)

What do you guys think? Did you like Abuelo’s? Good experiences/Bad?


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