Mac’s Pizza Pub – Clifton

28 Jun

Mac'sPizzaPubLogoHa! So first night after setting up this blog I meant to go home and make Sesame Ginger Pork Patties for dinner (new untried recipe).  What happened instead?  After working all day, I drove from Mason to Eastgate to meet the new husband at the bank, and after 40 fruitless minutes was unable to get added to his account (long story with me already paying off old bank accounts two years ago and them still not updating ChexSystems).  Needless to say me = frustrated.  Extremely frustrated.

So after all this, my friends text me and invited me to meet them at Mac’s.  The angels sang “Ahhhhh” – manna from heaven. Choices: drive another 30 minutes home (to arrive at 7:30 and then cook dinner/clean on top of that) or drive 25 minutes to sit down, relax with friend, and have pizza and drinks, hmmm….

Off to Mac’s we went.

I’ve eaten here (most memorable – a blurry cab trip after St. Patrick’s Day) before and I’m a huge fan.  I’m a big ‘toppings’ person.  I love lots of maybe not so traditional choices and lots of toppings on the actual pizza itself.  When we arrived my friends already had a gyro pizza on the table and considering what a big fan of gyros I am in general, I was hyped to see it.  Side note – I recommended the gyro pizza to some other friends at Taste of Cincy (who had never eaten Mac’s) and then felt horrible because the slice did not live up to what I was used to.  Maybe the degradation in quality was due to the temperature at Taste (it was HOT, like high 90’s hot) and the craziness of Taste in general?  This time, my one friend commented that he found the dill in the sauce a bit overpowering, but I didn’t think so and I’m a bit sensitive to dill.  Not that I dislike dill, it just always reminds me of pickles which is a bit disconcerting when I’m eating cheese or lamb, but I digress.  Either way, two thumbs up on the Chicago Gyro Pizza, it’s a definite favorite.

I choose to get the Breakfast pizza for the table which I’ve been lusting over for a while now.  Hmm…sausage gravy, bacon, tomato, cheese.  I wanted to add goetta, which I’m pretty sure makes most things better but they were out.  *shakes fist in an angry fashion* Apparently there’s a 50/50 shot on whether they’ll have goetta in house.  After waiting a bit and enjoying $1 PBR’s and $3 flavored vodka drinks (I love specials!) the pizza came out.  My friend looked up and commented, “This is really good!” and it is, but could it have been improved by a goetta addition?  Yes.  So I’ll probably have to get it again the next time they have it in house. My main issue with the pizza was that the bacon got a bit lost, or maybe the pizza just needed extra bacon, but that might just be the burly carnivore in me speaking. But the sausage gravy and loads of gooey cheese hit the spot.

Two enjoyable hours and several drinks later, we were stuffed.  I love the overall vibe at Mac’s since it brings back fond memories of eating at Hounddog’s while in Columbus at OSU (if you havn’t been – go).  Cheap drinks, good pizza, and good friends; what more could I ask for?

Of note, Mac’s get’s really crowded at night when there’s more of an emphasis on the pub part and hordes of college kids descend.  But hey, it’s awesome people watching and the food is always good.  If you havn’t been, give it a shot, although it’s not really family friendly  Definite “College Pizza Place” vibe. On the plus side – they are open late, at least till midnight on the weekdays. I think they might be open later on weekends, refer back to blurry memory after St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone know? How late are they open? For someone who always finds themselves hungry around 11pm (trying to work on that part in an effort to be a bit healthier) or after hitting a few bars it’s a definite stop.

Mac’s Pizza Pub
205 West McMillan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 241-6227


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